In 2009, the first MASH restaurant was opened at Bredgade in Copenhagen. This happened after several months of researching for the right types and qualities of meat, the best location and the perfect design of the venue.

Opening MASH was a counterpole to the trend of the Danish restaurant industry; molecular gastronomy and the traditional Scandinavian kitchen.

MASH has taken the best from the American steak tradition of big steaks cut from the best cattle in the world. Taste, for example, a marvellously tender piece of Wagyu, succulent meat from grain fed American cattle, dry-aged meat from Denmark or a delicate piece of Uruguay Hereford. We have added an incomparable wine list, spectacular starters, cocktails with soul, and puddings that will make your mouth water.

A holistic experience

At MASH, we know better than anyone that the perfect dining experience is not created only from what is served for you. Therefore, our service and the ambiance are just as important to us as your meal. 

You will find that we do not compromise on taste, design or service. So take a seat on our characteristic red sofas and let yourself get spoiled.