The first impression of MASH may be that it is a restaurant, where an interest in food is of vital importance; and there’s no doubt that the quality of our food is paramount. However, in our hearts we also have a great love for wine. Through the years we have found that a good steak house provides the optimum prerequisite to be able to enjoy a good bottle of wine. The food is unpretentious and the atmosphere is warm and friendly, allowing for good conversations to be had across the table.

With our wine list we aim to present outstanding possibilities for every taste and budget. This said, it is our goal to offer the best choice of American wines outside the States. Our basic idea is also that a good bottle should be put on the table and divided between friends instead of collecting nostalgia and dust in the trophy cellar.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sommelier team, who will be happy to answer your questions or special requests.

MASH Head Sommeliers
Jess Kildetoft, MASH London (
Dennis Rasmussen, MASH Copenhagen City ([email protected])
Shuwen Yu, MASH Skovriderkroen ([email protected])
Fredrik Hierner, MASH Aarhus ([email protected])
Rene Von Lundholm, MASH Rungsted ([email protected])