MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

You deliver the experience

MASH Skovriderkroen is looking for new colleagues to front house

We have a busy season ahead of us and many of our lovely colleagues have been accepted to university, so we are in search of new full time and part time employees.

MASH Skovriderkroen is situated between the ocean and forest, we serve lunch, dinner and a very popular brunch on the weekend.

MASH is a high end steakhouse, we serve the original Kobe beef, some of the best cuts from North and South American free range cattle and specially aged Danish cuts. Seasonal specialties sparkles creativity in the kitchen and we can offer our guests the best, the season has to offer right now.

Our wine list and bar are in a league of their own, and we want our guest to have an excellent experience at MASH - every time they visit us!

MASH is participating in the REGA project, working with the UN's global goal for sustainable business as the first business organization in the world. We are committed to making measureable changes regarding work environment and climate issues.

We would love to hear from you, if you have worked front house before and are committed to give excellent service! If you know Danish at any level, it is a clear advantage.

Looking forward to hear from you:



Chef wanted for MASH Frederiksberg

We are looking for an a la carte chef – preferably with experience from grill / hot section.

If you have vocational training, it is an advantage, if not, we look at your experience.

MASH Steakhouse is a high end steakhouse. We serve Japanese Kobe beef, Danish dry aged sirloin and North- and South American cuts of highest quality.

The food, wine and service should always be to world class!

We are a small team with great team spirit between both front and back house.

If you want to be part of our team, please contact Kitchen Manager, Bruno Horta, through this link:



Waiter for MASH Skovriderkroen

We’re looking for a waiter, an interest in wine is a plus, who is passionate about giving our guests a wow experience from the moment they enter our restaurant until they leave. We call this The MASH Experience.  

At MASH we serve high quality meat, we have an extensive wine list and we produce our own wine and champagne to match our amazing dry-aged meat and the mythically tender Kobe beef. We’re also proud of our ambitious bar. 

We work as a team, and we’re looking for a team player with an intact service gene. Your background is irrelevant, previous training is a bonus, but not a must. Nor is your nationality, as long as you speak English well. 

Sounds like you? Upload your CV and send an application here

Start date to be determined and pay after qualifications.


If the key to success at Apple is user-friendly design, and at Volvo it's safety, the MASH's so called key to success is Manpower.


  • ∗ in terms of the right people
  • ∗ in terms of enough staff to focus on the details
  • ∗ in terms of leaders who are visible on the floor

Manpower at MASH is all about the people. Who move the MASH brand forward and who don't put themselves first.

Manpower is about having the internal food chain in place, otherwise we can't expand and develop.

If you are interested in a career with us, please email an application with your full cv to us through this link.

Please note that we only hire employees that are 18 years or above.