MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House



As a company we have a great responsibility for both our guests' and our employees' safety.

Based on the government’s rules and our business union's guidelines, we have these House Rules to secure us all:

  • All guests must show valid Corona passport or test along with ID such as driver's license/social security card or passport
  • 1st vaccine jab is valid for corona passport after 2 weeks
  • PCR tests are valid for 96 hours 
  • Quick tests are valid for 72 hours 
  • Children under 16 do not need to show test/corona passport
  • If you are excerpt from testing, this needs to be documented per the guidelines from the Ministery of Health *
  • MASH has the right to turn guests away, who do not live up to these House Rules 

We look foreward to welcome our guests again to a secure and safe restaurant experience, where we all can enjoy the re-opening.

* The documentation is only valid:

  • with stamp and initials/signature from Borgerservice
  • AND ID documentation