MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

50% off on MASH Frederiksberg (offer expired)

50% off on MASH Frederiksberg (offer expired)

No, this isn’t a dream. We’re cutting off 50% of the price on all food on the newly opened MASH Frederiksberg for the new menu change.

The offer is only available at MASH Frederiksberg Sunday to Wednesday from April 3rd to April 18th.

The Kobe beef has its fat marbled into every fiber, so here we weren’t able to cut anything off the price. The discount also doesn’t include beverages, but everything else on the menu is half price.

And there are plenty of new dishes to explore – a long with a new, juicy journey around the world for two!

You can dive into the new menu from Tuesday, April 3rd. And you’d better book a table for MASH Frederiksberg right away, so you have a chance to munch at a low price.

Book a table here.


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MASH launches own rosé champagne on all restaurants

This Summer we launched our own MASH Champagne, which was very well received on all our restaurants. This is why we’ve sent our Master Sommelier Jess Kildetoft back to the French vineyards to develop the perfect rosé champagne for MASH in cooperation with winemaker André Clouet.

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