MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

Black Friday at MASH

Black Friday at MASH

What will happen at MASH on Black Friday? Will we char our steaks on the grill? Cut 50% off our prices? Serve black pasta with truffle for only 50,-?

Nope. Nothing happens.  

Are you also getting nervous ticks and a throbbing headache thinking about running around a shopping centre looking for the best deal? You can save heaps of time by NOT queuing up to buy a cheap TV. 

Instead, spend your time having a lovely lunch with people, you care about. Without any stress. At completely normal prices on a Friday like any other, while everyone else are running around in the shopping mayhem.  

Come by your nearest MASH and have a delicious lunch or a nice dinner on Friday the 23rd of November. Nothing special will happen, but you will get a lovely experience with plenty of good food and wine. 

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Graduation celebrations at MASH

All across the country new graduates are receiving their diplomas, and this calls for celebration. We’ve got the settings for the celebratory dinners for the graduate and their families at MASH!

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