MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

The new menu

The new menu

Today, the 7th of October, the menu is changing on all Danish MASH restaurants and we can’t wait to serve you both new creations and popular classics.

Our new menu has had a lie down. It’s grown in size to fit more green alternatives, plenty of fish and shellfish, along with brand new cuts from for example New Zealand.

Get excited for, amongst others, Black Cod for starters, a tribute to our old sister restaurant, Umami, sinking your claws into two different kinds of king crab and to greet Autumn with our Jerusalem artichoke soup with scallops.

As aways we have kept the trusty favourites on the card, for example the MASH tartare, tuna tartare, Serrano ham and carpaccio. 

We couldn’t dream of removing our most popular cuts either, like the amazing Danish dry-aged ribeye, Uruguayan tenderloin, juicy American steaks and of course the divine Kobe. But we have added new tender cuts such as a New Zealand striploin and the absolute king of steaks has returned – the Tomahawk! 

Besides a wide selection of the best steaks in the world, we have added another vegetarian alternative so we can cater for more guests.  

For dessert we recommend our new baked pineapple with coconut, if you’re feeling exotic, but we have also added another classic: chocolate mousse. 

We won’t bore you with a full novel on all the splendors of our new menu, we think you should have a look yourself:

Dive into the new menu! 

And then you should taste them all for ourself. Book a table now to explore and find your new favourites on the new menu.

Psst. We have new cocktails and wines ready for you as well, so there’s all the more reason to come in, even if it’s only for a visit to our bars or a quick glass.

MASH nyhedsbrev

The new menu has landed!

Do you have a booking at MASH one of these days? If so, get ready to sink your teeth into our new dishes and wash them down with new wines and cocktails.

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MASH nyhedsbrev 2

The MASH menu will change soon

Are you ready to sink your teeth into new starters and dig your spoon into new desserts? Book a table for October 7th when our menu will change on all Danish MASH restaurants.

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