MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

The jolly season at MASH

The jolly season at MASH

Soon the snowflakes will start falling and where will you be munching on ris a la mande then? You’ve probably guessed the answer. What you maybe haven’t guessed, is that we’ve arranged the dinner for your New Years Eve party as well.

Since our starters, steaks and sides are so festive already, we haven’t made a special Christmas menu this year – but when has herring ever beaten an American Rib-eye anyway?

We will be doing a little something for Christmas, don’t worry. At all MASH restaurants across the kingdom you can enjoy our home made ris a la mande in December – the perfect finish to a cosy candlelight dinner.

And a happy new year!
Yes, we mentioned something about New Years Eve as well. All MASH restaurants are open for New Years Eve – ready to pamper you and make sure you have a fabulous dinner with our sublime cocktails, great wine and juicy steaks. You can book a table here on the site now.

That isn’t all. At MASH Rungsted Havn you can enjoy a special 4-course New Years dinner for only 845 DKR pr. person. The menu will be served from 20.00, and these tables can also be booked now!

See the entire menu on our nifty flyer.

New Years Eve with a view of Øresund and the sound of crashing waves in the background? It won’t get any better than this. And if you absolutely have to celebrate New Years somewhere else, only the New Years Dinner at MASH Penthouse will do – welcome 2017 with champagne and a glorious view of the Copenhagen rooftops. Book a table here on the website. 


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MASH Brunch is back in town

On Saturday, August 15th, our magnificent MASH brunch is back on MASH Bredgade in the centre of Copenhagen – and our lunch is back on right after!

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