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MASH – Modern American Steak House

Jess Kildetoft is now Master Sommelier!

Jess Kildetoft is now Master Sommelier!

Our Head Sommelier in MASH London, Jess Kildetoft, has recently earned himself the incredible title of Master Sommelier. This is the highest qualification you can get as a sommelier, and to get the diploma, you need to pass some tough exams.

Jess is only the 235th sommelier in the world to become Master Sommelier since the exams begun in 1969, and we’re so proud! We’ve sat down with Jess, who can now call himself one of the best sommeliers in the world, and asked about what it takes, to become Master Sommelier.

Where does the exam take place?
The exam is hosted once a year, normally in The Dorchester 

How many students took the exam this time? How many passed?
We were 29 this year, two passes this year as I was joined by a Australian guy called Ben Hasko. That makes me number 235 to pass the exam since it started in 1969.

How is the exam set up?
For the Diploma level you are facing 3 different tasks:

A 100 question theory exam on the world of wine, blind tasting of 6 wines and a practical service exam where you need to score over 75% on each task to pass.

How much have you studied?
I studied / trained around 4-5 hours every day (theory, tasting of wines and spirits plus service scenarios) for the last 4 months

Was there anything in the exam you feared/looked forward to in particular?
I was a little nervous in regards to the business side of the exam, it’s a big part of the practical exam to test if an individual is capable of directing a wine program.

What comes next?
For me it does not change a lot, I will now have more time on the floor to look after our guest and recommend wines to go with our steaks.

Understated as ever – our champion, everybody! If you’re ever in the English capitol, then please come by MASH London and meet Jess in person – he is sure to have a recommendation up his sleeve just for you. 


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