MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

Experience the worlds most exclusive meat without breaking the bank

Experience the worlds most exclusive meat without breaking the bank

Some say that you haven’t tried tender beef if you haven’t tried Kobe beef. Well this is your chance, you can now try the exclusive meat in different variations in February during our Wagyu Weeks. 

In February you can get comfortable in our red sofas at MASH for a rare experience: a menu centered around the best quality beef in the world, Kobe. As part of an elite group of restaurants offering the authentic Kobe beef in Europe, we serve you the original Kobe imported straight from Japan.

Our head chef has put together a menu which will get you well acquainted with the fantastic taste of Kobe beef and will make the quality of the meat stand out. A menu with starters and a main, which will give you and your company the opportunity of comparing the Kobe to one of our most popular cuts, the Danish dry-aged meat.

The menu is available both for lunch and dinner, so the tasteful experience can be enjoyed with someone, you’d like to pamper, or during a working lunch. 

The menu:

Kobe tartar touched with pickled wasabi leaves, lemon, shiso salad and sous-vide egg yolk. 195,-

Kobe slider with avocado puree, soy sauce, sesame oil, wasabi, pickled onions and lettuce. 295,-

(A minimum of 2 people)
100 g Kobe A5 prime VS 250g Danish dry-aged ribeye, with 3 sides of your choice – 990,- for two people

If you want to try the full Kobe menu, you can get all three dishes for the special prize of 795,- per person

Matching wine menu

The menu is available from February 6th until, and including, Sunday February 26th. If this menu is a must-try for you, book a table now.

MASH nyhedsbrev 2

The MASH menu will change soon

Are you ready to sink your teeth into new starters and dig your spoon into new desserts? Book a table for October 7th when our menu will change on all Danish MASH restaurants.

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