MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

Our chefs know their meat

Our chefs know their meat

Danish Crown is our valued partners – they deliver the exquisite Danish meat for all MASH restaurants, including our signature cut: the Danish dry-aged Rib-eye.

This is why all our kitchen personnel, wether it be Interns or Head Chefs, have to know where our Danish meat comes from and how it gets from field to table. We regularly send our chefs on an inspirational trip to Danish Crown in Holsted, where they soak up knowledge – and bring it directly back to the kitchen.

We just send all our chefs to Holsted to learn about Danish Crown, their values and the process from cow to Rib-eye – and of course how they mature our very special Danish dry-aged meat, which we’re so proud of. 

The trip to Holsted starts with a thorough introduction to Danish Crown and the cooperation with MASH – often presented by Claus Hein, the Vice President of Danish Crown Beef. Here everyone gets an opportunity to ask questions and learn all about how an abattoir works.

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Afterwords the tour goes through the facilities – the chefs get to see everything from slaughter to packing. And of course everyone can ask questions along the way and see all the Danish Crown professionals at work. The tour also stops by The Gold Room where our signature cut, the Danish dry-aged Rib-eye, is maturing – here everyone can see and touch the meat in different stages of age and trimming.

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Yes, our chefs have been up close with the meat before it hits the grill – and understand where the meat comes from and the qualities it possess. The visit to Holsted provides important insight into the different factors that effect the meat, how it is classified and treated. We don’t let just anyone into our kitchen, and it takes a special understanding to be able to grill to MASH perfection.

You can learn more about Danish Crown on their website – and of course follow them on Facebook, where they sometimes throw juicy competitions. 

If you want to taste the Danish meat with your own tastebuds simply book a table at the nearest MASH restaurant – our Danish dry-aged Rib-eye is always on the menu, also at our restaurants in London and Hamburg.


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MASH Brunch is back in town

On Saturday, August 15th, our magnificent MASH brunch is back on MASH Bredgade in the centre of Copenhagen – and our lunch is back on right after!

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